Beginning on a High Note!

Last Saturday (11th August) was the last day of Musselburgh’s art exhibition. I was working at the desk for a few hours and I found out to my delight that I had sold one of my submissions!

I had committed myself to putting 4 pieces in this year. Only one of which was actually finished when I handed in my entry form. One was almost finished. The other two hadn’t even been started. One was to be an abstract, which didn’t concern me too much. The other was a crow, in charcoals. The inspiration for it came when I was in the shower about a week before. There was a smudge in the steam on the glass, with drips coming down from it. I thought it would look good as a Gothic looking crow. What I actually created was nothing like what I saw, and I think I may eventually do it again, larger. For now though I’m just happy that somebody liked it enough to hang it on their wall!

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