Music Monday #1! Some Inspirational Music To Help You Paint

Music Mondays

My favourite part of painting, after settling on a subject, is picking some music to paint to. The music you’re listening to can have an effect on your results. I’m going to make this a weekly feature, with inspirational music to help you get into the zone no matter what style of art you’re creating.

I usually prefer chilled out music when I’m doing detailed work, and more energetic stuff when I’m planning out my painting and getting a feel for my next project, or if I just want to create something loose and more abstract.

Zero 7 – When It Falls (2004)

A beautiful album, downtempo with some jazz, folk and soul elements. “Warm Sound”, the first track on the album, is a perfect description of the album as a whole.

The Stooges – Raw Power (1973)

If you’re looking for something a bit more energetic, here’s some early/proto punk from the Stooges.

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992)

Ambient techno is the most common description I can find online, but in truth it’s almost impossible to properly classify this as Aphex Twin is in a class of his own. This is one of his earliest albums, and it still holds up after 26 years, still sounding fresher and holding more interest than a lot of modern electronic music.

Click to see all my other Music Monday posts, comment below with your thoughts on today’s selections, and let me know what you enjoy listening to as you work!

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