Music Monday #2! Some Creative Music To Help You Paint

Music Mondays

Listening to music always helps me get into the creative mood. Here’s another batch of creative music to motivate your next masterpiece.

Flunk – For Sleepyheads Only (2003)

Folky electronica. Sounds like the swimming feeling you get in your head after a night of drinking, before the hangover kicks in.

Elephant Sessions – The Elusive Highland Beauty (2014)

Fiddles and mandolins aren’t listened to enough these days, so I feel I should do my bit to change that. Also gives me an opportunity to introduce the world to some Scottish music, so here’s some neo-traditional Scots folk music.

Living Color – Pride (1988)

My favourite album from some true innovators. Funk/metal with elements of jazz, hip hop, reggae, country…

Click to see all my other Music Monday posts, comment below with your thoughts on today’s selections, and let me know what you enjoy listening to as you work!

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