My Tools


Whenever artwork is posted on forums, on reddit, facebook etc, someone inevitably asks what was used to create it. So here is the equipment and materials I use most often. All links are Amazon affiliate links.

Oil Painting

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paints

Windsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colours

Schminke Oil Paints

Daler Rowney Hog Hair Brushes

Windsor & Newton Hog Hair Brushes

Cheap Brushes It’s good to have a lot of brushes so that you’re not cleaning brushes all the time, and due to the thickness of the paint and the roughness of the canvas, brushes for oil paints wear down a lot quicker than with watercolours. These Royal Langnickel ones are great value but any big bundle of brushes is good.

Cotton Canvas

Linen Canvas

Oil Paper


Coates Willow Charcoal

Winsor & Newton Thick Charcoal Stick

Strathmore Toned Gray Paper

Staedtler Kneadable Eraser

Electric Eraser


Windsor & Newton Watercolour Half Pan – Half pan refers to the size of the block of watercolour paint, and is the most common size to buy watercolours in.

Daler Rowney Brushes Sable

Daler Rowney Aquafine (Imitation Sable)

Winsor & Newton Sable Brushes

Winsor & Newton Synthetic Brushes

Masking Fluid

Cheap Brushes – It’s useful to have cheap brushes for watercolour if you want to use masking fluid, as masking fluid is rubbery and usually ruins brushes.

Watercolour Paper – I prefer the watercolour block that I’ve linked over pads of watercolour paper. The block is gummed on all sides which means you don’t need to stick the paper to a board, and the paper doesn’t warp so much.